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  •  Groundnut Decorticator Plant
  •  Grader
  •  Groundnut Decorticator
  •  Portable Ginning Machine
  •  Destoner
  •  Gravity Separator
  •  Almond Cracking Machine
  •  Almond Shelling Machine
  •  Maize Sheller
  •  Chaff Cutter
  •  Sturrel Machine
  •  Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  •  Automatic Arti Machine
Air Handling Unit

: This machine utilized in farmasuitacle co, chemical industries, food processing industries etc


This machine control particulate contamination by filtering the Air and recirculating the same by

AIR HANDLING UNIT (AHU) AND to maintain Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure can

be maintained to desire level. This circulation is accomplished by utilizing fan.

Technicle Specifaction
Capacity -
Power -
Height -
Length -
Width -










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