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  •  Groundnut Decorticator Plant
  •  Grader
  •  Groundnut Decorticator
  •  Portable Ginning Machine
  •  Destoner
  •  Gravity Separator
  •  Almond Cracking Machine
  •  Almond Shelling Machine
  •  Maize Sheller
  •  Chaff Cutter
  •  Sturrel Machine
  •  Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  •  Automatic Arti Machine
Gravity Separator
Groundnut Decorticator Plant

Gravity Separators have an international reputation for being the

most effective gravities in the industry. Precision control of air-flow,

speed of vibration and differential action of the deck ensures excellent

gradation and separation.


Superior enclosed counter-balanced drive system for smooth silent operations.

All construction for durability, easy cleaning and pollution control.

Precise and efficient separations

Technicle Specifaction
Capacity -
Power -
Height -
Length -
Width -










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