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  •  Groundnut Decorticator Plant
  •  Grader
  •  Groundnut Decorticator
  •  Portable Ginning Machine
  •  Destoner
  •  Gravity Separator
  •  Almond Cracking Machine
  •  Almond Shelling Machine
  •  Maize Sheller
  •  Chaff Cutter
  •  Sturrel Machine
  •  Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  •  Automatic Arti Machine
Maize Sheller
Groundnut Decorticator Plant

This machine can be drive with P.T.O. shaft of tractor.

And for easy transportation it can also joint with

hydraulic bracket ot tractor. The fan is provided in this

machine so the grians will be fully cleaned and it’s west

fiber piece are negligible so obtained material is free

from dust


. The machine can drive free from noise and smooth due to good quality of bearing

 as well as V-belts

Technicle Specifaction
Capacity -
Power -
Height -
Length -
Width -










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